How MindInventory Assisted Betterhalf - an AI-powered Matchmaking Platform, Witness Exponential Rise In Revenue?

BetterHalf AI

The Brief

  • Betterhalf.AI is India’s most advanced match-making super app developed with the aim of helping people find their soulmates. Talking about the match made till now, with over 20 lac+ verified matrimony profiles, 2 lac+ relationships, and 15K+ marriages, betterhalf is accomplishing its exceeding milestones.
  • This is the now story, but if we look into the past story, it had the app ready but required robust tech as a backbone to digitally transform its presence and performance. That's where MindInventory enters the narrative, bringing expertise and innovation.
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The Challenge

  • Betterhalf’s standard app and its features were doing good till the app’s impactful digital presence became a concern, and the marketing team started to reshape and revamp their strategies. With this approach, new app challenges and requirements to revamp its services popped up to provide users with services that are gripping and trending.
  • In order to be back in the game and top it, Betterhalf needed robust technical assistance from a top-notch IT company.

The Solution

  • The quest for partnering up with the ace digital transformation company made the team Betterhalf opt for MindInventory’s assistance to overhaul the platform. Post brainstorming with the team at Betterhalf, the crew of MindInventory understood the core of their requirements and committed to offering them the best version of Betterhalf.
  • Here's how ours and their team worked in harmony to bring this transformative solution to life:

UI Improvement

The UI design provided by Betterhalf was quite appealing, but the existing UI code part needed tons of improvements. Utilizing the app front-end development skills, our designed app developers entirely recode the UI part to deliver seamless app navigation and user experience.

Chat & Video Calling Features

In any matrimony app, it's a must to have features for the matched users to communicate and get to know each other without revealing their personal contact details. And we made it possible by undertaking top-notch communication security standards and robust programming.

Performance Improvement

In this part, our assigned app developers and their tech team worked side by side while sharing ideas and code logic to improve the app performance and ensured that no user has to face difficulties in exploring any part of this app.

Talk to Astrologer Feature

Betterhalf has created its dedicated Astrology app called Astrozodiac, in which as well our developers have contributed and integrated it into the Betterhalf.AI app to divert users/clients and generate another revenue stream.

The Impact

  • Finally, when the team betterhalf witnessed the revamped version of their application, they were spellbound to see the impact of the effort the development team of Mindinventory has put in.
  • The team betterhalf took note of the seamless stability of the app after code refactoring. As the development team integrated a unique feature of talking to the astrologer, the team betterhalf witnessed a great rise in annual revenue.

App Performance Optimized


Revenue Growth


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BetterHalf AI
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Betterhalf was doing good, but to do better and gain a better market presence, we needed our app to be refurbished from scratch. That's where MindInventory became our helping hand. Mobile developers aligned with our project were quite communicative with our technical team, provided quite possible suggestions, and wrote high-performing code for our app to perform well as it's doing currently. I truly recommend this team to partner with.

Biru Kumar VP of Engineering