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Hire Android app developers from our team who have successfully delivered 500+ projects to global clients. Since 2011, our certified Android experts have been delivering robust native app solutions using Kotlin, Java, and Jetpack compose toolkits. Skip the hassle - Hire Android developers from our team in just a click!

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Hire Android App Developers Aligned With Your Specific Requirements

Our dedicated team of Android app developers for hire has helped businesses achieve their goals by developing high-performing mobile apps.

Custom Android App Development

Whether you're building your startup business-specific app or enterprise-grade app, our Android developers have the expertise to meet your unique app development requirements and deliver you a top-notch app offering an impressive user experience.

Kotlin-based Android App Development

Leveraging the potential of Kotlin - a high-level programming language, our Android app development experts build you native mobile applications that are high in performance, scalable, secure, and offer real-time updates, ensuring reliability for your business and users.

Jetpack Compose Android App Development

Hire dedicated Android app developers who leverage Jetpack Compose to craft stunning and dynamic user interfaces that adapt seamlessly to any device size. Harness the power of declarative UIs and responsive layouts for an unparalleled user experience.

Java-based Android App Development

From seamless user experiences to efficient backend integrations, our seasoned Android developers leverage the power of Java to craft robust, scalable, and feature-rich apps compatible with a wide range of devices tailored to unique requirements.

IoT Application Development

Hire dedicated Android developers specialized in creating robust and innovative native Android IoT apps, allowing users to control and monitor IoT devices from their smartphones. From smart home automation to custom IoT app development requirements, we cater to all.

Android App Migration

Our dedicated Android experts can help you seamlessly migrate your traditional business-critical software solution to the Android ecosystem to offer total mobility and reliability to your digitally enabled business-specific services.

Third-party API & SDK Integration

Whether you need to integrate social media APIs, payment gateways, location services, or any other third-party APIs, we've got you covered. Hire Android experts from our team who give meticulous attention to detail and ensure smooth API integration that enhances your app's performance and user experience.

Android App Code Audit and Optimization

Hire Android development experts from our team to conduct a thorough app code analysis to uncover hidden bugs, flaws, and outdated practices and based on the analysis optimize your app's code to enhance reliability, efficiency, and quality, ensuring it meets industry standards.

Android App Maintenance & Support

Hire Android application developers to ensure that your app stays at its best. They provide you with dedicated ongoing assistance to keep your app running smoothly, fix any issues that arise, and implement updates to meet evolving user needs. With proactive monitoring and swift response times, they ensure your app offers peak performance and user satisfaction.

Android App Development Consulting

Planning to build your unique Android app or want to upgrade your app? Consult our seasoned Android developers to get invaluable strategic advice, best practices, and tailored solutions to address your specific needs and challenges. From project ideation to execution, hire Android coders to guide you to steer your project in the right direction.

Looking to hire top-notch Android app developers to build your next big app?

With expertise in the latest Android app development technologies and a passion for innovation, our Android developers bring years of experience and innovation to the table. Let's create something amazing together!

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  • nda 100% NDA-protected contract
  • resource 100% resource substitution*
  • hiring models Flexible hiring models
  • refund policy 100% refund policy*

Technologies We Use In Combination with Android

At MindInventory, we offer full-stack Android app development support to clients from front-end to back-end development. Our Android app developers utilize powerful combinations of front and back-end technologies to build robust cross-platform solutions.

android plus firebase

Our Android developers use Firebase services to leverage its scalable cloud infrastructure, real-time database capabilities, analytics, and more required to build feature-rich, responsive, and connected applications.

android plus opengl

Our Android developers are experts at leveraging the power of OpenGL ES for hardware-accelerated graphics to build native Android apps that offer high-performance rendering and immersive visual experiences.

android plus kotlin

Whether using Java or Kotlin, our experts utilize their respective reactive extensions to leverage asynchronous and event-based programming, ensuring the development of an app in a streamlined and scalable manner.

android plus graphql

Hire Android developers from our team to leverage GraphQL for better data-fetching capabilities to streamline network requests and optimize data consumption in native Android app build.

Our Featured Android App Development Success Stories

Discover how our team leveraged Kotlin, Jetpack compose, and Java's capabilities to craft innovative, high-performance native Android applications that exceeded clients’ expectations and achieved remarkable results.

Case Study
Online Supplement Store
  • UI/UX Design
  • Quality Engineering
  • App Development

Nutristar - a fitness supplement retail store, upgraded its infrastructure to a modern serverless system, bringing together offline and online store management for health and fitness supplements.

  • download100K+ App downloads
  • stars4.5/5 App ratings
  • trending_up64% Increase in Scalability
  • attach_money2X Revenue generation
  • colors10X Increase in Positive Reviews
Case Study
Food Delivery App
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Development
  • Backend development

Bhojdeals is a one-stop food delivery mobile app for all the foodies in Nepal, where they can search for their favorite restaurants and grocery, get food and grocery delivered to their place.

  • account_circle#2 Food Delivery App in Nepal
  • verified_user427K Active App Users
  • hotel_class200+ Food Delivery Partners
  • attach_money2X Increase in Revenue
  • award_star80% Nepal Citizen’s Preference
Case Study
On Demand Telehealth App
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Development

Waitless is an on-demand telemedicine application created to offer patients quick consultations with doctors, eliminating the need to wait in long queues for a doctor's visit.

  • stars1M+ App downloads
  • military_tech70K+ Patients benefitted
  • trending_down1.5X Revenue generated
  • colors10K+ Doctors associated
  • colors90% Positive user acceptance ratio

Featured Insights From Android Experts

Explore our featured Android development-related insights that are popular among our readers.

BLOG Top Android App Development Tools & Technologies to Use in 2024

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Case Study Baya: A Real Estate App

Find how MindInventory developed this real estate app that offers construction updates on all Baya projects.

BLOG Why Choose Kotlin for Android App Development?

Read this guide to uncover all the secrets and potential of the Kotlin programming language to choose for your Android app development.

Hire Android App Developers to Build A Power-Packed Native App with Cutting-edge Technologies

With a deep understanding and hands-on experience in working with cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to excellence, our Android experts craft power-packed native applications that push boundaries, ensuring optimal performance and user engagement.


Hire Android app programmers from our team who can help you integrate NLP and Voice recognition capabilities to build conversational app interfaces to offer data-driven and connected experiences to users.


We specialize in custom IoT app development solutions, offering real-time device control and monitoring, data analytics, automated experiences with alerts, and more, tailored to meet evolving user needs.


Hire Android developers from our team who can help you integrate machine learning and augmented reality (AR) capabilities into your Android app to implement features like object recognition and virtual try-on experiences.


Whether it's intelligent personalization, NLP capabilities, predictive analytics, or smart premises automation management, our Android app developers can help you integrate AI capabilities into your Android app to offer users intelligent experiences.


Hire Dedicated Android App Developers From India in 4 Easy Steps

Looking to hire the best-fit remote Android app development talent for your unique project? Look no further, as MindInventory follows a quick and easy 4 step process to get you the best talent meeting your requirements.

What We Assure To Provide

1. Share Your Requirements

Fill out the contact us form or email us your project requirements for us to cater to or specific skills you want to hire from our team.


2. Shortlist the Right-Fit Talent

As per your requirements, we’ll conduct a talent screening and curate a list of right-fit talents you can hire.


3. Interview the Talent

Pick the right-fit talent for your project to interview, test their skills, and know their approaches to work on your project.


4. Onboard & Begin the Project

Once you find your right-fit talent, we’ll help you remotely onboard, begin the project, and provide managed support.

What We Assure To Provide

Technology Stack That Our Android App Developers Use Proficiently

Here's a list of tools and technologies our dedicated Android experts excel in, catering to various Android app development requirements:

code_blocks Programming Languages
  • Kotlin
  • Java
account_tree Frameworks
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
library_books Plugins & Libraries
  • Jetpack Compose
  • Jetpack components
  • Activity
  • Databinding
  • Hilt
  • Android lifecycle
  • Material Design Components
  • Compose
  • Navigation
  • Paging
  • Room
  • Work manager
  • Espresso: UI test
  • Junit: Function test
  • Retrofit 2.0
  • Ktor
  • Gson
  • Jackson
  • Moshi
  • Kotlin serialization
  • ExoPlayer
  • Folding Plugin
  • Coil
  • Glide
  • Koin
database Local Database
  • SQLite Database
  • Room persistence library
handyman Tools & Utilities
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Android Emulator
  • LeakCanary
  • Vysor
  • Zeplin
  • Figma
  • Jira

Key Skills Our Android Experts Have

  • Experts at developing native Android apps using Kotlin and Java.
  • Knows Flutter, React Native, and Ionic to deliver native-like cross-platform apps.
  • Offers seamless third-party API integrations to make your Android app feature-rich and highly customized.
  • Hands-on experience in experimenting with Android UI widgets.
  • Adept at ever-changing technology-specific methodologies to build evolving Android apps.
  • Develop native Android apps supporting devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, and Smart TVs.
  • Experience in working with a range of bespoke Android app development projects.

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Why Hire Dedicated Android App Developers from MindInventory?

At MindInventory, we have a well-structured process to evaluate the skills and expertise of the talents, using which we select our talents who can understand your requirements well and help you build an app that benefits your business. Apart from that, here are the reasons why you should hire Android mobile app developers from MindInventory:


Various Expertise in Android Development

Whether you need to hire an Android mobile app developer with specific programming skills in Java or Kotlin or someone who expertly uses Jetpack Compose for app development, we have varied skilled professionals for your diverse development needs.


Well-defined Talent Screening Framework

We have an Android app development team with diverse expertise. When you reach out to us about hiring Android experts, we first look into project requirements, search for talents with expertise in it, and create a pool to share with you.


Proven Track Record

MindInventory has a proven track record of delivering successful native Android projects for clients across various industries. Our developers' portfolio showcases a diverse range of apps, ensuring high-quality builds and on-time delivery.

Agile Methodologies

MindInventory follows an agile development methodology, allowing for iterative development, continuous feedback, and flexibility to accommodate changes throughout the project lifecycle.


Better Talent Retention Policy

At MindInventory, we prioritize our team members' satisfaction and growth. With ample career development opportunities, an open work culture, and employee well-being programs, we achieved an impressive 95% retention rate.


Easily Switch Between Engagement Models

Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer our clients a flexibility to choose engagement models and switch in between based on their changing needs to ensure long-term, reliable association.

Unlock Endless Native App Development Possibilities By Opting to Hire Our Android Experts!

With unparalleled expertise, our Android app developers ensure to deliver seamless, high-performance applications that captivate users.

About Us

Crafting cutting-edge digital solutions with creative minds

Who We Are

A Mindful team of tech innovators bringing world-class tech ideas to reality. We embrace the power of technology to provide cutting-edge digital solutions that propel our clients toward unprecedented success.


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What Drives Us?

Creativity is our heartbeat. We constantly challenge ourselves to further our technical prowess and help our customers to deliver exceptional customer experience.


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Our Achievements

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Top mobile app development company in 2022.

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Top IT services company in 2022.

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Top mobile app development company in 2023.

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Top mobile developers of 2023.

Client’s Testimonial

How Gratitude App has achieved more engagement rate of users across the age.

Erika finds MindInventory a unique and reliable team of creative designers to continue work with that has helped bring her dream app into reality, which is playing a pivotal role in helping users showcase gratitude.

play_arrow Erika Migliaccio
Erika Migliaccio
United States United States
Client’s Testimonial

How a SaaS solution created by us is receiving increasing feature adoption

Ryan Miller finds MindInventory a great technology partner who exceeded his and his team’s expectations with the top-notch quality design and development deliverables of his mission-critical SaaS app development project.

play_arrow Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller
United States Australia
Client’s Testimonial

How object Recognition Transformed Healthy Living

Data scientists and AI/ML engineers at MindInventory, hired by the Passio team, played a pivotal role in building the AI-powered SDKs that enable users to keep on their daily nutrition consumption and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

play_arrow Dmitiry Richard Starson
Dmitiry Richard Starson
United States Australia
Client’s Testimonial

How EnneaApp is still the grosser, guiding users to learn about their personality type

A business association of 11 long years and yet counting to make the EnneaApp much better and user-centric to meet and exceed the vision to make this world a better understandable and mindful place to live in.

play_arrow Elan BenAmi
Elan BenAmi
United States Australia

Other Talents You May Want to Hire

Explore more technological expertise to hire for your project and enhance your project team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we have gathered a list of FAQs on Android app developers for hire that you might have and many of our partners have inquired about:

Our Android developers for hire can help you develop some amazing apps that work smoothly across multiple platforms. Here below are our services:

  • Android UI/UX Design Strategy
  • Custom Android App Development
  • Android App Consultation
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Migration
  • App Maintenance and Support

Yes! Luckily, at MindInventory, we have flexible hiring models, like Hourly hiring, monthly hiring, and yearly hiring. So, you can hire Android programmer on an hourly or project/task base and flexibly change the hire model type later on.

One of the main reasons to outsource is to work 'round-the-clock'; and that too, at a better cost than hiring in-house staff. We generally work from 10 AM to 7 PM IST (Mon - Fri); however, for the call/meeting, hired developers can make adjustments for around +/- 3 hours from regular office hours

We ensure that the clients’ intellectual properties are kept protected all the time, from closing the deal with an NDA, and keeping the code secure in the private Git to delivering the project with all formalities, code ownership, copyrights, etc.

Yes, definitely! In some full-fledged software development projects, we provide post-delivery support without extra charges for a limited period. And when that free post-delivery support plan expires, you can smoothly renew it by finishing further formalities.

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. The cost to hire an Android programmer depends on many factors like the development platform, the type of app, design complexity, number of pages, features & functions, maintenance cost, etc. Contact us today; to learn more about the cost to hire Android developer from MindInventory.

At MindInventory, we have a well-structured process to evaluate the skills and expertise of the talents, using which we select our talents who can understand your requirements well and help you build an app that benefits your business. Apart from that, here are the reasons why you should hire Android application developer from MindInventory:

  • A team of experienced and skilled mobile app developers, well-versed in various platforms and technologies
  • A strong and diverse portfolio of past projects
  • Positive testimonials and reviews shared from clients who trust us
  • We have a reputation for meeting deadlines and delivering projects on time without compromising the build quality
  • Emphasizes clear communication and project progress tracking

Yes, we will! We have come across a couple of clients who previously were working with some other technology partners, but due to some reasons, their mission-critical app development was left unfinished. And we understand the importance of bringing your app ideas to life as soon as possible. Please schedule a call with us; our experts would love to discuss your ideas, find the right-fit solution, and actualize it.