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Whether you need predictive analytics, process automation, or deep learning solutions, hire ML developers from our team, with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in working with the latest ML Algorithms, catering to your unique requirements. Our ML engineers build intelligent solutions that revolutionize the way businesses operate. Hire your ideal machine learning engineer in just a click!

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Hire Machine Learning Engineers Fueling Intelligent Systems

Hired by companies leading in the field of AI/ML, our team of ML experts can help you automate your business processes and make data-driven critical decisions by building rich ML solutions.

ML Consulting & Strategy

Get expert guidance on your dream machine learning development idea by opting for our ML consulting service. Also, get the right-fit ML solution that helps your business embrace AI/ML potential into the workforce and shine into the market as a sparkling brand delivering value for the customers.

Custom ML Model Development and Training Solutions

Hire machine learning experts specializing in building problem-specific ML models using pertained models, convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), etc. From data processing to hyperparameter tuning with model evaluation, our ML developers help with all.

Model Deployment and Integration

Already have your ML model ready but need experts to seamlessly integrate with your system? Hire ML engineers from our team to fine-tune and integrate your ML models with your existing infrastructure and efficiently deploy it using technologies, like Docker and Kubernetes to top-notch cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP.

Feature Engineering

Utilizing practices like missing data handling, features scaling, converting categorical variables in numerical representations, ensuring feature scaling, transforming features, creating new features from existing ones using PCA, ICA, or t-SNE, and extracting features from text data using TF-IDF scores, our ML developers deliver top-notch feature engineering solutions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions

With expertise in NLP techniques including BoW, TF-IDF, Word Embeddings, POS Tagging, and transformer models like BERT, we develop NLP solutions for tasks such as data processing, machine translation, summarization, and text generation.

Computer Vision Based Solution

Hire a team of skilled data scientists and ML developers to implement, train, and integrate computer vision features, like object detection, image classification, facial recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and more, enhancing your business processes.

Recommendation System

Hire machine learning engineers from our team to build your business-specific recommendation system to elevate your digital users' site experience with personalization to increase revenue generation, and be competitive in your industry (highly recommended for businesses from retail & e-commerce, media, etc.).

Predictive and Real-Time Analytics

Whether you're looking to optimize marketing campaigns, forecast demand, or enhance customer experiences, our ML developers are experts at leveraging time-series forecasting models like ARIMA and SARIMA and anomaly detection techniques like Isolation Forest and Autoencoders to meet your requirements.

Cloud-Powered ML Solutions

Our expert team specializes in architecting and deploying ML models on leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Leveraging the latest advancements in cloud technologies, we seamlessly integrate ML capabilities into your existing systems, enabling you to unlock valuable insights from your data.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) Solutions

Whether you’re looking to establish ML workflows or seeking to optimize existing processes, through comprehensive data audits, feasibility studies, and risk assessment, we develop goal-oriented ML strategies aligned with your business objectives. With expertise in MLOps, we help you transform the way you manage and operationalise ML solutions.

Looking to Hire ML Developers to Elevate Your Business with Intelligently Trained Solutions?

Whether you're looking to optimize operations, enhance user experience, or drive innovation, we've got the ML expertise you need!

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  • NDA 100% NDA-protected contract
  • resource 100% resource substitution*
  • hiring models Flexible hiring models
  • refund policy 100% refund policy*

Hire Your Project-specific ML Team

algorithmic trading
Alogrithmic Trading
  • dplyr
  • Tableau
  • Matplotlib
  • ggplot2
Team Composition
  • + 1 ML Engineer
  • + Backend Engineer
  • + Data Scientist
  • + 1 UI Designer
recommendation engine
Recommendation Engine
  • Kotlin
  • React Native
Team Composition
  • + UI/UX Designer
  • + ML Engineer
  • + Mobile App Developers
  • + Data Scientist
predictive maintenance
Predictive Maintenance
  • Prophet
  • GeoPandas
  • Dask
  • Kafka
  • Docker
Team Composition
  • +1 ML Engineer
  • + 2 Front End & Backend Engineers
  • +2 DBA
  • + 2 Project Manager
data visualisation platform
Data Visualisation Platform
  • Tableau
  • Redshift
  • Apache Spark
  • NumPy
Team Composition
  • + 1 Business Analyst
  • + Backend Engineer
  • + Data Scientist
  • + ML Engineer
medical predictive analytics
Medical Predictive Analytics
  • scikit
  • TensorFlow
  • Jupyter
  • SQL
  • EC2
Team Composition
  • + ML Engineer
  • + Backend Engineer
  • + Full Stack Developers
  • + Data Scientist
bank fraud detection system
Bank Fraud Detection System
  • Hadoop
  • NumPy
  • MongoDB
  • TensorFlow
Team Composition
  • + ML Engineer
  • + 2 Front End & Backend Engineers
  • + DBA
  • + Data Scientist

Industry-Specific ML Solutions We Build

Hire machine learning developers from MindInventory to leverage cutting-edge technologies and domain expertise in building tailored ML solutions. These solutions address specific challenges and capitalize on opportunities present in your industry.


Hire dedicated machine learning developers with an understanding of healthcare workflows and regulatory requirements. Our AI/ML solutions meet the highest quality, security, and compliance industry standards.

  • check_circlePredictive analytics for patient admission
  • check_circleMedical image analysis for diagnostics
  • check_circleDrug discovery with computational methods
  • check_circleClinical trial optimization
  • check_circleElectronic health record (EHR) analysis
  • check_circleHealthcare claims analytics
  • check_circleWearable device data analysis

We are not just into digitizing fintech industry operations but also making them smarter, more reliable, and more efficient by infusing AI/ML elements into fintech solutions by addressing industry best practices.

  • check_circleFinancial Forecasting
  • check_circleCustomer Segmentation
  • check_circleCredit Scoring and Risk Assessment
  • check_circleSentiment Analysis of Financial News
  • check_circleAlgorithmic Trading
  • check_circlePortfolio Optimization
  • check_circleReal Time Anomalies Transactions Detection
  • check_circleCredit Card Fraud Detection

By analyzing vast amounts of data, including property listings, market trends, and customer preferences, we create ML solutions that enhance decision-making, streamline operations, and enrich customer experiences.

  • check_circlePredictive Analytics for Property Valuation
  • check_circleMarket Analysis and Forecasting
  • check_circleInvestment Portfolio Optimization
  • check_circleCustomer Segmentation & Targeted Marketing
  • check_circleLocation Intelligence and Site Selection
  • check_circleProperty Tax Assessment
  • check_circleSentiment Analysis for Customer Feedback

Whether it's optimizing prices or automating routine tasks, we cater to different intricacies of retail and e-commerce businesses to build ML solutions that they need to thrive in today's digital era.

  • check_circleDemand Forecasting
  • check_circleTargeted Marketing
  • check_circleCustomer Segmentation
  • check_circleCustomer Flow Analysis
  • check_circleSentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews
  • check_circlePerformance Analytics for Stores
  • check_circleMarket Basket Analysis
  • check_circleMarket Basket Analysis

Hire machine learning experts to develop solutions for the education industry, catering to the evolving needs of students, educators, and institutions, ensuring improved learning outcomes and operational efficiency.

  • check_circlePersonalised Learning Platforms
  • check_circleOCR-based Exam Paper Grading
  • check_circlePredictive Analytics for Course Planning
  • check_circleLanguage Learning Apps with Speech Recognition
  • check_circleContent Recommendation Engines
  • check_circlePlagiarism Detection Systems

Amazing Projects Our Machine Learning Developers Are Working On

Explore a range of ongoing ML projects, from fundamental to groundbreaking, that are poised to transform the operational dynamics of our clients' businesses.


Utilizing deep learning models to analyze genomic data and predict optimal treatment strategies tailored to individual patients, revolutionizing healthcare by offering personalized medicine solutions.

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Data Analysis
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • manufacturing

    Developing predictive maintenance models using machine learning algorithms to anticipate equipment failures before they occur, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency in Construction environments.

  • Custom Model Development
  • TensorFlow
  • Scikit
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection
  • account_balance

    Developing machine learning models to predict customer churn in the telecom industry, enabling companies to proactively identify at-risk customers and implement retention strategies to reduce churn rates.

  • Feature Engineering
  • TensorFlow
  • Python
  • Random Forest
  • Logistic Regression
  • play_circle

    Building object detection models to analyze video streams and identify objects of interest in real-time, enhancing security and surveillance systems with automated threat detection capabilities.

  • YOLO
  • TensorFlow
  • AutoML
  • Structured Data
  • Large-Scale Data Processing
  • west

    Featured Insights from Our ML Experts

    Explore our featured AI/ML technology insights that are popular among our readers.

    BLOG How AI and ML in Business Processes are Changing the Market Landscape?

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    BLOG How Can Your AI-driven Business Benefit From Synthetic Data in 2024?

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    Case study

    Explore how our ML experts have helped our clients transform their businesses with the power of data and AI.

    Case Study
    AI-based Investment Platform
    • Cloud - Microservices
    • APEX Implementation
    • Admin Panel Implementation

    Sidepocket is an asset allocation robo-advising app designed to help users follow informed investment practices while minimizing risks and maximizing diversification and profits.

    • attach_money15% Increase in revenues
    • verified_user95% Accuracy rate
    • hotel_class70% Increase in App Performance
    • trending_up25% Spike in ROI
    • group_add30% Monthly increase in user registration
    Case Study
    AI-based Instant Funding Platform
    • Dedicated Hire Team
    • AI/ML Development

    Squaredash, an insurance claim management firm, helps companies and individuals obtain insurance claims as early as possible.

    • account_circle50% Reduction in claim processing time
    • verified_user90% Reduced error rates
    • hotel_class95% Improvement in document processing
    • add_moderator97.5% Accuracy rate
    • award_star99% Increase in accessibility
    • trending_up2X Increase adoption
    Case Study
    AGI Programming
    • Dedicated Hire Team
    • Product Development
    • AI/ML Development

    Slipstream is an all-in-app AI-based development platform that not only automates complicated decisions but also enables the creation of complete applications effortlessly.

    • trending_down20% Reduction in code compilation time
    • group90% Developers find it easy to adapt
    • group_add50% Growth in the user base
    • thumb_up40% Developer satisfaction
    • code100M+ Lines of code generated

    Hire ML Developers From India in 4 Easy Steps

    Looking to hire the best-fit remote AI talents for your unique project? Look no further, as MindInventory follows a quick and easy 4 step process to get you the best talent meeting your requirements.

    What We Assure To Provide

    1. Share Your Requirements

    Fill out the contact us form or email us your project requirements for us to cater to or specific skills you want to hire from our team.


    2. Shortlist the Right-Fit Talent

    As per your requirements, we’ll conduct a talent screening and curate a list of right-fit talents you can hire.


    3. Interview the Talent

    Pick the right-fit talent for your project to interview, test their skills, and know their approaches to work on your project.


    4. Onboard & Begin the Project

    Once you find your right-fit talent, we’ll help you remotely onboard, begin the project, and provide managed support.

    What We Assure To Provide

    Technical Expertise Of Our Dedicated Machine Learning Developers

    Here's a list of tools and technologies utilized by our machine learning developers, selected to harness the full potential of data-driven solutions.

    code Languages
    • Python
    • R
    • JavaScript
    • Kotlin
    • Golang
    • C++
    account_tree Platforms & Frameworks
    • TensorFlow
    • Keras
    • LangChain
    • LlamaIndex
    • RASA
    • Caffe
    • Kubeflow
    • Kubernetes
    lan Libraries
    • PyTorch
    • scikit-learn
    • OpenCV
    • Hugging Face Transformers
    • Hugging Face PEFT
    • FastAI
    • NLTK
    • Asyncio
    • Ggplot2
    • Dash
    • Plotly
    • Streamlit
    • Gradio
    • Spark
    • MLlib
    • Theano
    • Gensim
    • Seaborn
    hub Algorithms
    • Regression models
    • KNN
    • SVM
    • Random Forest
    • Decision Tree
    • Tesseract
    • YOLO
    • LLMs
    • Stable diffusion
    • DALL-E 2
    • Midjourney
    • Imagen
    • GLIDE
    • Whisper
    • BARK
    database Data Management & Visualization
    • OpenML
    • ImgLab
    • Fivetrann
    • Talend
    • Databricks
    • Snowflake
    • Pandas
    • Spark
    • Data lakes
    • Amazon S3
    • NumPy
    • SciPy
    • Apache Spark
    • Azure Cosmos
    • Hadoop
    • Matplotlib
    • Power BI
    • Tableau
    • Apache Kafka
    • Vertex AI
    cloud Model Management Tools
    • Neptune
    • Comet
    • Evidently
    • AWS Sagemaker
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Google Cloud
    hub Neural Networks
    • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
    • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)
    • Long Short Term Memory (LSTM)
    • Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)
    • Transformers
    endocrinology OCR
    • Pytesseract
    • EasyOCR
    • Keras-OCR
    • AWS Textract
    • Azure AI Document Intelligence
    • Google Vision
    • Amazon Extracts

    Key Skills Our ML Developers Have

    • Expertise in various machine learning techniques, including supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning.
    • Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch.
    • Extensive knowledge of data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model evaluation.
    • Familiarity with machine learning deployment techniques such as containerization and orchestration with tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
    • Ability to develop and deploy ML models in production environments while ensuring scalability, reliability, and maintainability.
    • Proficiency in model interpretability techniques to explain model predictions and ensure transparency in decision-making processes.
    • Experience with model monitoring and performance tracking to detect drift and ensure model quality over time.
    • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
    • Familiarity with cloud platforms, like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform for scalable ML solutions.
    • Ability to work with large datasets and distributed computing frameworks.
    • Expertise in data visualization tools such as Matplotlib or Seaborn for effective data exploration and communication.
    • Knowledge of database systems and SQL for data querying and manipulation.
    • Understanding of statistical concepts and methodologies.
    • Understanding of natural language processing or computer vision techniques.
    • Continuous learning mindset to stay updated with the latest ML advancements.
    • Knowledge of ethical considerations and bias mitigation strategies in ML development to ensure fairness and accountability in AI systems.

    Industry-focused Insights

    Explore our featured content on different industries that you may find helpful.

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    Why Hire Machine Learning Engineers from MindInventory?

    At MindInventory, we follow a robust framework to hire machine learning developers who fit well in our team. Many of our clients also choose to hire dedicated machine learning developers from our team for our commitment to delivering excellent solutions, fostering reliable long-term partnerships, and for the following reasons.


    Exceptional Team of ML Experts

    We have a designated team of ML experts working as a separate division solely on AI/ML projects. Our team has extensive experience in working with various complexities of ML projects and delivering powerful solutions.


    Innovation with Strong R&D Support

    Continuous R&D efforts lead to the development of more sophisticated algorithms and models. We invest heavily in R&D efforts to help our clients develop their unique and powerful ML solutions.


    Seamless Data Handling

    Our developers have handled large volumes of data which helps businesses dealing with vast amounts of data and requiring real-time processing capabilities. They are experts at managing and querying data, which can be pivotal for data-driven applications.

    95% Talent Retention Policy

    At MindInventory, we prioritize our team members' satisfaction and growth. With ample career development opportunities, an open work culture, and employee well-being programs, we achieved an impressive 95% retention rate.


    Transparent Billing

    At MindInventory we practice a transparent billing system with no hidden costs, providing you with a clear understanding of your financial bifurcation. Our pricing models are easy to understand and ensure that you receive high-quality development services at a cost that delivers value for your money.


    Proactive Communication

    We prioritize clear and consistent communication, especially when dealing with frequent code deployments. Clients are kept in the loop with regular updates, reports, and feedback sessions to ensure that the development aligns with their vision and expectations.

    Ready to Partner With Us to Empower Your Business with the Transformative Power of ML?

    Whether you're aiming to streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, or revolutionize customer experiences, we have the expertise and passion to make it happen.

    About Us

    Crafting cutting-edge digital solutions with creative minds

    Who We Are

    A Mindful team of tech innovators bringing world-class tech ideas to reality. We embrace the power of technology to provide cutting-edge digital solutions that propel our clients toward unprecedented success.


    Tech Experts On-board

    tech experts on-board

    Years Of Expertise

    years of expertise

    Projects Delivered

    projects delivered

    Countries Served

    countries served

    What Drives Us?

    Creativity is our heartbeat. We constantly challenge ourselves to further our technical prowess and help our customers to deliver exceptional customer experience.


    Tech Experts On-board

    tech experts on-board

    Years Of Expertise

    years of expertise

    Projects Delivered

    projects delivered

    Countries Served

    countries served

    Our Achievements

    star star star star star 4.7

    Top mobile app development company in 2022.

    star star star star star 4.6

    Top IT services company in 2022.

    star star star star star 4.8

    Top mobile app development company in 2023.

    star star star star star 5.0

    Top mobile developers of 2023.

    Client’s Testimonial

    How Gratitude App has achieved more engagement rate of users across the age.

    Erika finds MindInventory a unique and reliable team of creative designers to continue work with that has helped bring her dream app into reality, which is playing a pivotal role in helping users showcase gratitude.

    play_arrow Erika Migliaccio
    Erika Migliaccio
    United States United States
    Client’s Testimonial

    How a SaaS solution created by us is receiving increasing feature adoption

    Ryan Miller finds MindInventory a great technology partner who exceeded his and his team’s expectations with the top-notch quality design and development deliverables of his mission-critical SaaS app development project.

    play_arrow Ryan Miller
    Ryan Miller
    United States Australia
    Client’s Testimonial

    How object Recognition Transformed Healthy Living

    Data scientists and AI/ML engineers at MindInventory, hired by the Passio team, played a pivotal role in building the AI-powered SDKs that enable users to keep on their daily nutrition consumption and ensure a healthy lifestyle.

    play_arrow Dmitiry Richard Starson
    Dmitiry Richard Starson
    United States Australia
    Client’s Testimonial

    How EnneaApp is still the grosser, guiding users to learn about their personality type

    A business association of 11 long years and yet counting to make the EnneaApp much better and user-centric to meet and exceed the vision to make this world a better understandable and mindful place to live in.

    play_arrow Elan BenAmi
    Elan BenAmi
    United States Australia

    Other Talents You May Want to Hire

    Explore more technological expertise to hire for your project and enhance your project team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here's a list of FAQs that will help you to know more about our hire dedicated ML engineers services.

    Our machine learning engineers can help you with different types of services, such as extensive ML consulting, custom ML-powered software development, Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions, computer vision solutions, business intelligence and analytics solution, deep learning solutions, Robotics process automation, as well as post ML development support and maintenance services.

    Well, our Machine Learning developers are well-versed in working on any sort of AI/ML development project of any industry. However, being on the industry specialization chart, at MindInventory, we mainly focus on industries, including FinTech, E-commerce & Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, and Logistics.

    Yes! Luckily, at MindInventory, we have flexible hiring models, like Hourly hiring, monthly hiring, and yearly hiring. So, you can hire machine learning developers on an hourly or project/task base and flexibly change the hire model type later on.

    Dedicated machine learning developers handle many important roles and responsibilities, including:

    • Assess and improve data science prototypes;
    • Create machine learning models using modern ML frameworks and libraries;
    • Under the requirement and fetch the best-fit ML tools and algorithms;
    • Pick suitable datasets or engineer synthetic datasets for the training models;
    • Continuously testing and improving ML models as per industry trends.

    Yes, we do provide post-development support and maintenance for your ML solution! But for maintenance requirements, you do not require to hire a full-time programmer as we have a flexible bucket model for you to get dedicated support and maintenance service when required.

    One of the main reasons to outsource is to work "round-the-clock"; and that too, at a better cost than hiring in-house staff. We generally work from 10 AM to 7 PM IST (Mon - Fri); however, for the call/meeting, hired developers can make adjustments for around +/- 3 hours from regular office hours.

    We ensure that the clients’ intellectual properties are kept protected all the time, from closing the deal with an NDA, and keeping the code secure in the private Git to delivering the project with all formalities, code ownership, copyrights, etc.

    Of course! In fact, that's our expertise and motto to help businesses upgrade their legacy system with industry-leading technologies, like AI and ML, to improve their business efficiency and stay up-to-date with market trends. Hire dedicated ML engineers from our team today!

    There is no straightforward answer to this question. The cost to hire a developer depends on many factors like the development platform, the type of project, the complexity of the design, the number of pages, features and functions, maintenance cost, etc. Contact us today to know more about the cost to hire a dedicated ML developer from MindInventory.