How We Assisted PangeaPod in the Digital Transformation of Hotel Management Operations

Pangea Pod

The Brief

  • Pangea Pod is a hotel management app, which provides affordable yet comfortable stays for people willing to explore the best worlds alone or with friends and family. It helps guests find good pod hotel rooms at a great price with good design and desired privacy.
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The Challenge

  • The biggest challenge for the MindInventory team was to develop this system and code for the hardware connectivity without conducting any hardware testing. There were 4 hardware integrations and the code that needed to be remotely tested to verify and validate its functionality.
  • - A Moneris PIN pad to accept card payments
  • - A vision-line encoder to scan the wristbands to read/write data
  • - An EPSON printer to print the check-in receipts in its pre-defined format
  • - A POS lightspeed restaurant system that communicates with our app through the Contactless RFID Reader/Writer
  • We were supposed to develop software that could interact and test the hardware integrations functioning overseas.
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The Solution

  • To address key challenges, we provide innovative solutions while prioritizing user experience, data management, scalability, and collaboration capabilities.

iOS iPad App Development

To provide easy accessibility and efficiency, we developed a custom iPad app tailored to the unique needs of the hotel's front desk staff. Deployed across three iPads strategically positioned at different stations, our solution integrates seamlessly with PinPads and printers, enabling a smooth payment and receipt process for guests. We also integrated Epson Printer features, allowing for convenient receipt printing directly from the iPad interface.

Admin Panel Creation

We created a secure and restricted Admin panel to manage apps and website content with various types of reports. Through the panel, admins can take note of reservation details, upcoming bookings, checkin and checkout, etc. Admins can create, edit, and delete packages as per the requirement. They can manage all common features like CSS to apply on all projects, and adjust general settings and email settings.

MyRes Feature Creation

It serves as a valuable tool post-reservation, catering to guests' needs once they've booked their stay. Whether guests wish to extend their stays, opt for late checkout, or access hotel amenities like Wi-Fi, our solution provides seamless assistance. Users can conveniently utilize a designated link or visit the front desk, where our system facilitates these requests effortlessly.

Functionality Extensions and Testing

Our developers incorporated different features and functionalities, making it more useful for guests. These solutions include a receipt printing feature, tax, and GST, 3DS payment authentication, package customization, bag check, etc. Along with these features, we tested the hardware by accessing it remotely through the developed software.

The Impact

  • The app streamlined pod management, amenities booking, and staff communication, reducing manual tasks and administrative overhead. By leveraging mobile technology, automation, and data-driven insights, Pangea Pod has redefined the hotel experience, delivering convenience, personalization, and efficiency.

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