Samar Patel

Samar Patel

Having experience of 15+ years in the Software Industry and worked with Fortune 500 companies in consulting roles in 2020, Samar Patel has joined MindInventory been using his creative vision and excellent insight into company management to enhance operations as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of MindInventory. Upon taking over the position, Samar started in the field of leadership at an early age, taking on multiple leadership roles in various large scale to stealth startups.

mobile app startup idea

How to Create a Mobile App-based Startup?

Launching a successful mobile app startup is a real deal as many struggle to find their way through. While some startups rise to the ranks of Unicorns, others struggle to gain traction or fizzle out prematurely. As you aim to carve your niche in the competitive marketplace, it’s essential to navigate potential obstacles with precision […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel April 22, 2024
Role of AI in Digital Transformation

What Is The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Transformation?

AI is the present that we all must accept as it offers numerous perks, particularly to businesses on the path to digital transformation. However, to fully leverage the potential of AI in digital transformation, businesses must explore its roles and the latest trends. Recognizing the essential role of AI in business IT architecture, we have […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel March 11, 2024
Generative AI

Generative AI: Pushing Boundaries of Innovation

Over the years, advancements in deep learning, particularly with GANs, have significantly enhanced the accuracy and diversity of generated content. Generative AI, powered by innovative technologies like ChatGPT and GANs, is reshaping the way we create and interact with content. This blog explores the evolution of Generative AI, from its historical roots to its current […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel February 8, 2024
Mobile App Usage and Growth Statistics

Mobile App Usage and Growth Statistics for 2024

Since the adoption of smartphones, we’ve been using many mobile apps for many different purposes, including work-related, entertainment, performance tracking, and much more. But in the past few years, the mobile market has received many similar applications, and App & Play Stores are scraping many applications. Hence, entrepreneurs targeting to develop mobile apps must read […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel January 4, 2024
RPA for Enterprises

RPA for Enterprises: A Way to Cognitive Business Intelligence

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), whenever we hear about it, the first thought that comes to our mind is robots replacing us. Honestly, there’s no robot involved, and those are no way nearer to replacing us. But it’s the AI-powered software automation that streamlines mundane tasks, resulting in better efficiency with precision. So what you were […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel November 17, 2023
Role of technology in logistics industry

Top Logistics Technology Trends In 2024 That Will Shape The Industry Dynamics

Technology has transformed the logistics industry over the years, revolutionizing the way goods are transported, stored, and managed. Automation has streamlined various processes such as sorting, packaging, loading, and unloading. Moreover, GPS technology has shaped navigation and route planning with route optimization software, finding the most reliable paths for delivery. Technology has enabled the development […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel August 31, 2023
Time to Hire a Dedicated App Developer

What is the Ideal Time to Hire Mobile App Developers?

Mobile apps are becoming an integral part of every consumers’ life. The variety of different apps keep them connected with their friends, helps them order food, transfer money, play games, stay entertained, and even shop. It is essential for businesses to identify these consumers patterns to come up with the right ideas for creating a […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel July 9, 2023
Web3 in Real Estate

How to Leverage Web3 Technology in Real Estate?

Imagine a world where a virtual tour to a real estate property is as immersive as visiting it offline; buying and selling a property is done in just a few clicks with crystal clear transparency where security is at its best, just like Fort Knox. The entire real estate landscape is being reshaped the way […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel June 9, 2023
AR in E-commerce

How Retail Businesses Can Leverage AR in their E-commerce Solutions to Drive More Sales?

Gone are the days when technology was just a talk limited to defense, automobile, and healthcare sectors, amongst only professionals. Today, technology has become a broad topic of conversation across industries, especially in areas of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, creating the next level of personalization. Since its inception, the AR topic has been just […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel March 27, 2023