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Progressive Web Apps

Why Tinder, Instagram, & Starbucks Use Progressive Web Apps?

Why are top players like Tinder, Instagram, and Starbucks turning to Progressive Web Apps? What’s so special about PWAs and how they are helping these companies gain a foothold in the industry? Want to know the reasons behind their shift to this innovative technology? Tune in to our podcast to find out.

Bhumi Goklani Bhumi Goklani November 2, 2023
DevOps Solutions for Enterprises

DevOps Solutions for Enterprises

The term DevOps isn’t alien nowadays but getting the spotlight as more enterprises are keen to implement it. The combination of two words, Development, and Operations, has unified the culture and practice of software development. Tune into this podcast to know how DevOps advocates focus on the entire process of software development, beginning with implementation, […]

Rushi Patel Rushi Patel November 1, 2023
How is Mamaearth Following UX Design Trend

How is Mamaearth Following eCommerce UX Design Trend?

We all love to do shopping and online shopping – to be specific, incredibly when our schedules are running tight. But nobody wants to visit an online store with not-so-eye-pleasing design, placements, and ambiguous information. Inspired by Mamaearth – India’s one of the leading personal care brands with a strong eCommerce presence, this podcast delves […]

Ketan Rajput Ketan Rajput November 1, 2023
How AI Benefits Healthcare Startups

How AI Benefits Healthcare Startups?

If we are talking about intelligence framing the reference of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, the sky is definitely the limit. AI in healthcare has been setting benchmarks for itself to grow consistently. 91.5% of high-scale businesses are investing in Artificial Intelligence, as using AI has boosted business productivity by 54%. Looking at healthcare […]

Kumarpal Nagar Kumarpal Nagar October 3, 2023
Scrum vs Waterfall

Scrum vs Waterfall | What to Choose for Your Startup?

With the invention of new software development methodologies, it becomes a challenging task for startup companies to choose the methodology that best suits their project needs. For complex mobile app development, it becomes essential to comprehend the project requirement before taking any decision to choose the appropriate methodology for the app development. In this post, […]

Avatar Beantsingh Duggal October 3, 2023
discovery phase in app & web development

Importance of Discovery Phase in App & Web Development

Unlock the significant role of the Discovery Phase in web and app development. Understand why in-depth research and meticulous project details matter, and how our team of experts can turn your ideas into reality. From defining workflows to designing user interfaces, we cover every aspect for your maximum success. Discover why you should trust a […]

Samar Patel Samar Patel August 25, 2022