How MindInventory Created a Visually Appealing, Feature-rich On-Demand Ticket Booking App


The Brief

  • BookMyTicket - a movie ticket booking platform (web and mobile app)! The app enables users to book tickets for a movie in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Further, the users can benefit from different vouchers and discounts, while booking their tickets.
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The Challenge

  • Though the idea was simple and needed robust backend functionality, the challenge lay in designing a seamless user interface across both the web and mobile applications that offers users effortless navigation through the platform when booking tickets from searching the shows, and nearby theaters, applying coupons to processing payment.
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The Solution

  • Given MindInvnory's knack for designing creative and intuitive, the team, upon receiving the client's requirement, began crafting a user-friendly interface that not only streamlined the booking process but also provided a delightful experience for movie enthusiasts.

UI/UX Research and Design

Through iterative design and testing, we refined the UI to ensure seamless navigation and an enjoyable booking experience for users, ultimately delivering a platform that prioritizes ease of use and efficiency. We ensured it with competitor analysis, UI research, wireframing, visual design, prototyping, and more.

Mobile App Development

When developing a mobile app, our goal was to make the ticket booking process quick, helping them avoid last-minute rush and ensuring a hassle-free experience by offering the following features: onboarding screen, home screen, book and download tickets, payment gateway, notification, and more.

Web App Development

Through our comprehensive web app development approach, we aimed to provide a user-friendly platform that allows users to book movie tickets in advance easily. For it, we incorporated features like a home page, book tickets, payment process, download tickets, etc.

Third-party Integration

To enhance the platform with additional features and functionalities, ensuring a seamless and enriched experience for its users, we strategically implemented third-party integrations like different payment gateway, Twilio integration, SendGrid integration, etc.

The Impact

  • The implementation of our solution resulted in a significant improvement in user satisfaction and engagement on the BookMyTicket platform. With a streamlined and intuitive user interface across both web and mobile applications, users experienced seamless navigation from show searching to payment processing.

Higher User Retention Rates


Increase in Ticket Sales


Increase in User Engagement

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